Rapid Restriction Release

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Restriction Release Therapy is the amazingly easy and effective modality of using percussion/kinetic energy that quickly
penetrates the entire body of your client giving amazing results.
Restriction Release TherapySM

 Osteopathic medicine has been using a Mechanized form of this therapy for pain management for over 40 years. Manual Restriction Release Therapy has been used for century's by many cultures world wide, yet without an understanding of why it works so efficiently in reducing pain throughout the body. Recent medical research has identified that restrictions within curtain systems of the body (nervous, muscular, spinal, lymph, and especially the fascia)  contributes greatly to chronic pain associated with such conditions as MS, Fybromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue and a host of other dysfunction (click here for more) that cause poor quality of life.

 Restrictions within the fascia in particular can result in chronic pain, restrictions to body movement and organ function. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and covers every muscle and organ in the body. Fascia connective tissue is continuous throughout the body and carries electrical current as does the central nervous system. It is in constant communication with the nervous system and is an integral part of it.

 Using the energy produced by this Modality, the Therapist  stimulates the release of restrictions in the fascia. This kind of release allows the fluids and electrical properties of tissues and organs to flow normally again, restoring healthy equilibrium.

 Now by adapting the techniques used by many cultures over the centuries to the principles of modern medicine, Bodyworkers can bring a new level of pain management to their clients.

To add this powerful new tool to your therapeutic modalities,

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Jim Tree-gilmore, CST

James Tree-Gilmore, LMT, CST

Testimonies from the use of Restriction Release Therapy. (RRT)

"I am always looking for new techniques and skills to add to my healing practice, and was wonderfully surprised at how fun, easy and EFFECTIVE the Restriction Release Therapy is.  Jim is an engaging instructor and made the class entertaining and enjoyable as well as very educational. My clients have received considerable relief from pain, and we have a lot of fun with it too. I am looking forward to taking the second level class!"     
Tamera R - massage therapist, subconscious belief change facilitator, Reiki Master/practitioner, EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner www.gracefulharmony.com

"A serious car accident has left me with reoccurring whiplash symptoms which are hard to relieve, so I am especially grateful for how effective these sessions are for my neck, back, shoulders, hips and the over-all pain and stiffness I have.
 The RRT in particular seems to loosen and "lighten" my sore muscles and give me an overall feeling of well-being and increased flexibility"
       NLM, from Australia.

"We have found a powerful and positive response from our clients after experiencing the effects of RRT. It cuts through the amount of work and time required to get the desired releases within their body to relieve intense pain. We are excited about this "new" modality and are anxious to take the level two class."
       R and D, Bodywork practitioners from Cottonwood, AZ.

"I was scheduled for surgery to correct sever incontinence when I received RRT from Jim. I experienced immediate relief and after several sessions found myself completely free of the condition needing no surgery after all."        MJ from the Bitterroot Valley, MT.

"After trying many types of therapies, including standard physical therapy, Acupuncture and Chiropractic, from which I received only limited reduction of symptoms, I thought I would have to spend the rest of my life in debilitating pain as  the result of an auto accident.
 I was referred to Jim by other practitioners and finally found marked progress in pain management through RRT. Thank you for giving me my life back!"
     MW from the Bitterroot Valley, MT.

About Level 1 class

 Attendees will learn about the history of the therapy and current practice and tools used in modern Osteopathic Medicine. The latest information of the true function and relationship of the Fascia and the nervous system.

 You will have hands on instruction in the use of RRT techniques using manual devices in the releasing of fascia restrictions.

The duration of the class will be 4 hours. Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing and bring materials for note taking.


About Level 2 class
In Level 2 you will receive instruction on using advanced RRT techniques to address specific
injuries and dysfunction caused by Surgery, Chemotherapy, Nuropathy, Fibromyalga, Lupus,
lazy eye, hearing loss and a host of others. Techniques demonstrated include the use of different kinds of stones to focus the kinetic energy produced by RRT into specific areas in the body.
 Class duration is 4 hours.



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Biographical information about James Tree-Gilmore, CST, LMT

Jim received his training in CranioSacral© Therapy from the Upledger Institute and studied therapeutic techniques of Cranial Osteopathy, Restriction Release Therapy and cellular memory release for eight years with the well known Osteopath and instructor of Cranial Osteopathy, Dr. T. Feeney, DO. He was a partner with Dr. Feeney at her clinic in central Colorado that specializing in pain management. In 2001 he moved his practice to northwest Montana. There Jim has worked with Dr. Norma Gilmore, Ed.D. in ground breaking cranial therapy for children with learning disabilities.

  In 2007, Jim joined the growing team of integrative practitioners at the Guardian Oncology and Wellness Clinic in Missoula, Montana to bring Dr. Judy Schmidt's vision of providing her patients with the broadest base of quality health care into reality.

 Jim has gone beyond traditional CranioSacral work to develop "Deep Peace Therapy", a much deeper level of "nuro-relaxation", a way to quiet the nervous system as well as the conscious mind, thus allowing the clients body to be in a place where natural self-healing occurs.

 Jim is the project coordinator for Montana Integrative Therapies, a 501c non-profit project that provides at little or no cost, non-allopathic forms of health support to those who are in Hospice care, extended care facilities and those who are chronically ill.

Jim also has over 25 years experience as a Senior Biomedical Engineer with one of the largest High Tech medical instrumentation companies in the world and is a member of the International Association of Health Practitioners.

Jim offers private CST/RRT sessions at his offices in Hamilton and Darby, Montana.  Jim has created a curriculum for teaching the methods of Restriction Release Therapy to health practitioners, conducting classes throughout the United States.

Jim is the author of the book, The Way of the Sacred Pipe and is a spiritual adviser for a federally recognized Native American church and has served on the advisory board of the E.T. Seton Institute of Santa Fe, NM.

For more information about Jim's practice, visit this link: 

Deep Peace CST of Montana