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The  Athro Technique book



All the authentic mystics, medicine people, psychics and the seers from

the past were unique, special people that had the ability to live charmed

lives and perform "miracles." What the author has discovered is that

human beings are at place and time where we all are awakening to

be able to access these gifts/abilities.

By reading this book you will learn how and why this human evolution

is taking place. You will learn how to communicate with your own Athro

and as a result be able to help change this society/world we are

experiencing today, into the peaceful and abundant life gifted to

this planet.

You will learn how to use the Athro Technique to accomplish these

changes for a better life for yourself and a better world as well.

Science has discovered something defined as the “zero-point field”

of energy in Hyperspace, the name science has given to the next

dimension. It is described as a point where there is no heat and

therefore there should be no molecular movement.


However, there is still some movement within molecules.

According to regular Physics this cannot be and yet it does exist.

Studies of this mystery have revealed that there is an intelligence

located at this zero point field of energy and it appears to be what

some call the Hall of the Akashic Records. This is the dimension

where we can access all the information that is past, present and

future. It’s where authentic psychics go to read your future; they

have the gift, an extra sense that they’re able to use to get this


Every human being can access this information, it’s just a matter

of developing the additional senses and James will be helping you

do that by revealing the secrets found in this book.

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