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The path to prosperous peace


Welcome to the path to Tohidu' (Prosperous Peace)

The word Tohidu (Toe-he-do) is the Cherokee word for

Prosperous Peace or Full Peace. It describes a way of

living that incorporates peacefulness in every area of ones

life. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 


The first step on this path is to discover who and what you

are as a unique individual. Traditionally this was done

through what is called a vision quest around the age of 10

or 11 years old. Today many are only discovering this

information as an adult. Many never discover this confidence

producing truth at all.


There are several tools available to us today to help you

discover who you really are and what you are here to do

with your life. It is never to late to start to live the life you

were destined to live.


The next step on this path to Tohidu' is to "Gather your

Medicine." This means to gain the gifts and abilities you

will need to accomplish your life's purpose. This is done

through a ceremony called a "Vigil." It incorporates a

special hike in nature and an all night Vigil by a sacred

fire. During these activities you will meet your

spiritual helpers and guides.


After you have been introduced to your helpers you will

begin to learn how to participate in what is called the

"Dance of Life."  You will learn how to hear and follow

the directions of your helpers resulting in an amazing life

of "coincidences" where everything works in your favor.

Some call it a "charmed life."


Many will receive a spiritual "tool" to assist them in living

this charmed life. A tool to help you learn to recognize the

information  being given to you. It may be in the form of a

Sacred Pipe, a rattle, flute or drum. It may be a Sacred Staff,

etc. As you learn how to properly use this gift from the Great

Devine, you will become proficient at conducting ceremonies

that will not only help you, but others as well.


True Tohidu' is realized by having a constant communication

with your higher source. It does not matter who or what that

is to you, the communication you receive from it will lead

you into a life filled with "uncommon assistance." I used to

call my higher source God,but today I refer to it as the

"Great Mystery." You will hear me use that term in my

recordings. There are many teachings available through

this web site to help you discover the essential truths about

yourself to live the life you were meant to experience.


Here is a recording about how to have that kind of




Living in constant spiritual connection.

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Another amazingly effective gift that anyone can receive

is called the "Original Language."

This is a language that cannot be learned, it has to be

remembered from deep within yourself. You already

know how to speak it as the memory of it is stored in

your RNA. There are simple ways to help one remember

it, hearing it is the most common.

There are many names for this way of communicating,

angelic, light, heart language are some of the more recent

terms for it.

Many cultures have names for it, speaking in toungs, the

ancient or ceremonial language as well as other terms.

It is not important what you call it, it is important that you

use it....often.

I "remembered" this language while camping in the

desert when I was 15 years old. It came from a deep

desire from my heart to communicate with the great

Devine and English words did not seem to express my


As I called out to what I considered to be God, I found a

flow of words in a language I did not understand. It

poured out of my heart and through my mouth. I have

found over the years that when I do not practice this form

of "prayer", my spiritual experience weakens or comes to

a stand still.

The more often I communicate in this way the stronger my

connection to my spiritual self becomes. Not only to myself,

but to all of nature as well.

According to many traditions, at one time everything could

communicate with everything else. Thus the many names for it.

Click here to read about it from my book, "The Athro

Technique, how to live a charmed life."


If you are interested in learning more about how to live

a life of "Tohidu", I teach classes via the video conferencing

application Zoom once a week for 6 weeks.

Click here to register for the course.


Class schedule:

Zoom classes to be announced. Two live 5 day workshops will

be held In Bavaria during the months of March and April, 2020.