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A book about the care and use of the Native American Sacred

Pipe. Includes information on the prophecies concerning the

Pipe's roll in the modern world. References on how to make

a Pipe.


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What people are saying about "The Way of the Sacred Pipe"
"Jim Tree has taken a subject many feel is taboo, and approached it with

knowledge, dignity and great sensitivity. A must read for First Nation

Peoples who have been raised away from their roots." 

Will O., (Cherokee), Cibolo, Texas  



"The book "The Way of the Sacred Pipe," written by Jim Tree, is a must

read for those interested in our Tribal ways, especially concerning the use

of stone pipes."

Bud Johnston, (Anishinaabe) President, Keepers of the Sacred Tradition

of Pipemakers



In this instructive volume, Jim Tree takes us on a voyage through part of

Native America and it’s traditions that outsiders know little or nothing

about. A good read.

Slim Randles, author, "Sun Dog Days," "Raven’s Prey," "Ol’ Max Evans."   


"The Way of the Sacred Pipe" could not have possibly come at a better

time. With so many of the Indigenous ways and traditions vanishing like

the morning dew, Jim Tree shares meaningful- and personal- insights

into walking with the Sacred Pipe of our ancestors,  not just for Indigenous

Peoples, but for anyone anywhere who feels called to walk this path.

With a focus on the living relationship with the Pipe instead of dogma,

Jim hits the nail on the head and brings an oft-misunderstood topic

into clear focus." 

Tim "Shadow Viper" Ott (Cherokee), Vienna, Austria


What a breath of fresh air among all the plastic and Hollywood Stereotypes

to see the real thing:  honest and authentic teachings put forth in a

respectable format. Thanks to Jim Tree for this gift to the seven


Elisabeth Dietz (Eagle Woman), Anishinaabe, author, Now is the Hour-

Native Prophecies for the coming Earth Changes


Author Jim Trees training in the care of the Sacred Pipe has over the years

been with several Elders representing other Nations other than his own

Cherokee people. This has given him a broad perspective on the ways of

the Pipe, and it is from this collection of information that he offers the

material presented here. His Elders of influence are Adam Fortunate Eagle,

Anishinaabe spiritual leader, M. Running Deer, Apache spiritual leader,

the late Lilly Windrider Nevarez, member of the Cherokee Medicine

Society and the late Larry War Eagle, Cherokee spiritual leader.


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What people are saying about "The Athro Technique"


All the authentic mystics, medicine people, psychics and the seers from

the past were unique, special people that had the ability to live charmed

lives and perform "miracles." What the author has discovered is that

human beings are at place and time where we all are awakening to be

able to access these gifts/abilities. By reading this book you will learn how

and why this human evolution is taking place. You will learn how to

communicate with your own Athro and as a result be able to help change

this society/world we are experiencing today, into the peaceful and

abundant life gifted to this planet. You will learn how to use the Athro

Technique to accomplish these changes for a better life for yourself and

a better world as well. Science has discovered something defined as

the “zero-point field” of energy in Hyperspace, the name science has given

to the next dimension. It is described as a point where there is no heat and

therefore there should be no molecular movement. However, there is still

some movement within molecules. According to regular Physics this

cannot be and yet it does exist. Studies of this mystery have revealed that

there is an intelligence located at this zero point field of energy and it

appears to be what some call the Hall of the Akashic Records. This is the 

dimension where we can access all the information that is past, present

and future. It’s where authentic psychics go to read your future; they have

the gift, an extra sense that they’re able to use to get this information.

Every human being can access this information, it’s just a matter of

developing the additional senses and James will be helping you do

that by revealing the secrets found in this book.



I found the subject to be incredibly interesting and the path to finding the

connection with an individuals' Athro easy to believe in and follow. This is a

time of great spiritual sharing and awaking and I am grateful to Jim Tree

for the sharing of this way and the future it can bring to everyone who

seeks it. His amazing life and examples are seeds planted for me to now

grow. Thank you for your insight and your book.


A short stroll through the forests of distraction and illusion to the high

mountain meadow of truth and light, with many smiles along the path.

Well done James Tree-Gilmore!


I love this book! I have been using the Athro Technique in my

craniosacral business. Fabulous results. A must read.



Easy to understand and engaging! Even though I've read many books

about spiritual topics and spiritual practices, I genuinely got so much

from this book.