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About Jim

Hello, my name is James Tree-Gilmore. I am a teacher of

Natural Spirituality and author of the books, “The Way of the

Sacred Pipe, the care and use of the Sacred Pipe” and "The

Athro Technique, How to live a charmed life."


I am a Spiritual Adviser (Minister) for a federally recognized

inter-tribal Native American group based in Pipestone, MN.



I have also served on the board of advisers for the

E.T.Seton Institute, Santa Fe. I have had the honor to share

my unique insights into Nature based spirituality to the

NARBA symposium for Northern Arizona Tribal

Educators two years in a row.

I have served on the advisory board for the Bitterroot

Youth Home and provide spiritual council to inmates in

several State Prison Systems. I give presentations around

the world and conduct ceremonies to help restore the

sacred circle of life with powerful effectiveness.

(Tangible results)


I have conducted a presentation about indigenous

prophecies and current world events at the United Nations

Headquarters in Vienna, as well as at several universities

worldwide. I have the honor to be the caretaker of the

United Nations Turtle Pipe, a Sacred Pipe created for the UN

by my Elder, Adam Fortunate Eagle in the 1970's.


I am also the caretaker of a very old Black Thunder Pipe.

The responsibility of holding this Pipe was given to me by

Clyde Heavyrunner, the holder of the original Black Thunder

Pipe bundle of the Blackfoot nation in Montana.

(Over 400 years old.)


These Pipes have taken me around the world to conduct

ceremonies for world peace and restoration of the sacred

circle of life, including ceremonies between representatives

of Israel and the Palestinian governments.

(Click here for a video about the powerful effects of the

Thunder Pipe in Australia.)

(Click here for a video of the traveling ceremony for the

drought in Texas, 2011)

I am also the Project coordinator for Montana Integrative

Therapies, a 501c non-profit project that provides at little

or no cost, non-allopathic forms of health support to those

who are in Hospice care, extended care facilities and those

who are chronically ill, and has successfully merged these

therapies with allopathic clinics Montana.


I left a career of over 30 years as a Senior Biomedical

Engineer with one of the largest Medical instrumentation

companies in the world to follow my life calling as a

healer and teacher.


I am a CranioSacral Therapist trained by the Upledger

Institute and Dr. T. Feeney, DO, an internationally known

instructor of Cranial Osteopathy. I teach an amazingly

fast method of releasing restrictions within the human body.

This therapy is revolutionizing the ability to relieve chronic

pain with Therapists and Physicians worldwide.

Click here for testimonials of the effectiveness of this



In 2017 I co-founded the School For Whole Health Therapies

(www.wholehealthschool.com) and I am a member of the

International Association of Health Practitioners.


At 8 years of age I had a powerful encounter with the Divine

while on a camping trip with my father in the north woods of

Michigan. This encounter set the stage for a lifetime of

spiritual instruction through my relationship with nature.


In the fall of 1999, I died as a result of multiple Black Widow

spider bites. I was resuscitated by a Doctor and returned from

the "other side" with unique understandings about life and

our purpose in it.


Soon after I began to travel to share these insights of Natural

Spirituality and the restoration of the human spirit in

relationship to the Creator and all of creation.


 What I bring to you is a real and practical restoration to your

purpose here in this lifetime. My quote on any spiritual path

is: "If it works, it is real, if it's real, it will work."


Remember, Tangible results!