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Welcome to my website. I am James Tree-Gilmore, a

teacher of several holistic healing techniques as well

as what is called Natural Spirituality. This video

explains the importance of having a strong

connection with nature, the most trustworthy

instructor of what we call spiritual.


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 How wolves change Rivers. 


"The Athro Technique, how to live a charmed life."

Would you like to have more control of your life?
Do things flow smoothly for you and do you want to
live a life of prosperity and peacefulness?

This is a book that combines information from Quantum

science, the medical science of Cranial Osteopathy and a 

tradition dating back over 30,000 years amongst the

Aboriginal healers of Australia.


All the authentic mystics, medicine people, psychics

and the seers from the past were unique, special people

that had the ability to live charmed lives and perform

"miracles." What the author has discovered is that

human beings are at place and time where we all are

awakening to be able to accesses these gifts/abilities.

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