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Reviews, The Way of the Sacred Pipe:


The way of the Way of the Sacred Pipe is something long over due and

needed in these chaotic times. Author Jim Tree shares the teachings of his

path as a pipe caretaker. Jim has an honest and heart felt approach to his

teaching, he has a good way of explaining things in an effective and gentle

manor. Mr. Tree comes from a background of mixed heritage so he has a

way of relating to all people, he does things from the Heart and in a good

way. For anyone being called to learn about the pipe this is a good starting

place for you, If possible I would recommend finding somebody to learn

the ways from directly if possible as not everything can be taught from

a book. This is a great source of knowledge on the pipe, I highly

recommend this book to all who are called to care for the Sacred pipe. 



I think this book does a good job of picking up on some of the continuity

that the author has found amongst traditions. It is still a book based upon

HIS experiences and should probably be taken as such. I would suggest

to anyone wanting to have experiences around a Sacred Pipe to read up

on a few resources and then look for Indigenous  to talk with about the

subject. Understand that there are a lot of differences in the traditions

and that people are often VERY defensive and protective of whatever

path they are close to. This book does a nice job of providing a foundation

of Pipe information. It is much more direct than any other resource I

have found, other than talking directly with people who spend time around

these types of Pipes. I would like to see more books like this.



This book, while short, is full of wisdom and insight. The message is clearly

about the sacredness of the First Nations Pipes and the traditions that

surround them. Jim has clearly lived his vision of the Pipe, and passes on

first hand information and experiences. What I think is noteworthy is that he

embraces the multiple traditions of the Pipe and does not insist his way is

the only way (a syndrome many Indigenous people suffer from). If you are

unfamiliar with the way of the Pipe, this is a good place to start. If you are

a Pipe Carrier and have lost your way, this is an easy road back. Well

articulated and to the point. Thanks Jim.




My mother bought me this book years ago after I begged her for it for my

birthday. Somehow (I can't remember exactly how) I had come across a

sacred pipe and was determined to learn how to use it. I was maybe

10 or 11 years old at this point and didn't quite know what I had but I

plowed through that book anyway. Before I read it I hadn't known the

responsibility and care needed when handling one so after I read it I gave

the pipe to my mom and asked her to hold onto it for me until I was ready.

Years went past through periods of regression and growth and now almost

exactly a decade later My mom cleans her office and tells me she found

that pipe she'd hidden away (about a month ago) and that I should have it.

I figured that meant it was time I start looking into it, maybe this meant I

was ready. Around that time I rediscovered this book as well (it was hiding

behind something on my bookshelf) so I just started rereading it. I've

always been a spiritual person, finding joy in everything from the Bible to

the Dao to the Bhagavad Gita and Autobiography of a yogi and have had a 

jerky though forward progress towards the truth or the great spirit or

whatever name you give it. I am nowhere near as close as I'd like to be but

it's books like this that bring me as close as I can be. The way in which it's

written is wonderful! It's detailed, informative, and the stories will leave you

in awe as do many holy stories before have! I remember Jim tree actually

signed the book to my mother too which was a wonderful thing! This book

is so underrated it's not funny! If you're into Native American spirituality

and trying to find your way then this book will be a very sturdy stepping




Excellent book, and should be read by any serious scholar of Native

American traditions. I ask my apprentices to read this book is filled with

valuable insight and is a must read for understanding the sacred pipe,

and spiritual aspect of

Native Americans.




Jim Tree wrote this book not to expose any Native "secrets" but for those

who are buying pipes in shops and over the internet. Most of whom do

not have knowledge of what the pipe is or have seen it used. Most do not

realize the responsibility of being a pipe carrier. The pipe is being made

available to many. It is only right that people can get the correct information

and knowledge of responsibility of the care of the pipe. I admire this man

for sharing what he knows to help others learn. This book goes through

this one man's experience of how he has learned and cared for the pipes

that have come to him. Remember there are over 500 recognized Native

American Nations and all have different teachings.




A wonderful little book, full of great heart and sound information. As other

reviewers have said, there are many ways to honor a pipe and many paths

to follow on the pipe-carrying tradition. Jim's way is a good one. If you were

to start here with a pipe, you would have all the basics in hand to carry it

honorably and confidently. From that point on, the pipe will teach you.




I have known Jim for about 10 yrs, the book is dedicated to our niece Katie.

Jim has a great gift to share with the people the book is only one of them.

He tries real hard to show one way of doing things with a pipe, that is his

way. There are many. I think the book gives a small idea of all that can

happen if you show respect for this tool. You should use it in a good way.