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From the book, The Athro Technique



The Original Language

The Most Effective Way to Communicate with Spirit   

Although I use nature to guide me much of the time, I rediscovered an even

more effective way to communicate with my Athro. I practice something I

call the Original Language. It is a language known by many names to many

people, the Angelic language, the star language, speaking in tongues, to

name a few. In most cases we are told that we cannot speak in this way

unless we have special powers, gifts, or we are told that if we join a certain

group, we can learn this language. None of this is true. I have found that

anyone who can talk can speak in the original language. I will explain the

basic idea of how the original language works and give some examples of

how it helps me communicate not only with my Athro but with all of creation

in every realm or dimension. Because it is so versatile, perhaps it could be

called the interdimensional language.

The first idea you must grasp is that you cannot learn this language, you

need to remember it. It resides in the primordial part of your brain. Both

your right hemisphere and left hemisphere work to resist your memory of it.

It has been said in many traditions that we humans originally could

communicate with the trees, the animals, the birds and the spirits/angels

because we all shared the same language. This interdimensional language,

the original one, still exists today in our modern reality. I have innumerable 

experiences of speaking or singing to wild birds and animals where they

would stop running away from me and approach me in total trust.

I have had some animals try to climb onto my lap or birds land on my

hand or head. The following stories are just a few of the many examples

I have of using the original language.


The first example is from a student of mine in Austria. She wrote: "Your

helping me remember the original language made me experience so

many new possibilities in this world. Latest is that I'm constantly singing

for the water, the little mountain creek behind my home. Now a baby

beaver waits for me hidden at the shore of the river, listening, always

when I go there. It even crosses the water coming to where I sit, to be

closer while listening.  I've never experienced something like that

before. I try to speak in this certain language to her, that you told us...

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and your knowledge, Jim!”  

Ludmila from Bavaria


The next example was my experience with a fox. I like to go off the

beaten path on my hikes in the mountains. I prefer to explore where

there has been little human interaction with nature. On one hike into

the wilderness I encountered a red fox. He was trotting toward me

as I walked down a game trail. When he saw me, he stopped,

undecided in what he should do. I started to sing to him in the original

language. It didn’t take long for the fox to sit down to listen to my song.


He was about 10 feet away from me and as I continued to sing, he

sank down and crossed his front paws. He then rested his chin on

his paws and went to sleep. I stopped singing and continued to just

speak to him and as he sat up after his nap, I moved toward him and

he simply stepped to the side as I passed him. It is interesting that

when I ran into him, I was pondering the question of whether I should

continue in my work teaching people how to be in balance with the

natural world. I believe that the fox was part of the dance of life I was

experiencing and appeared there to deliver the answer to the

question I had not yet asked.


Another time on a different game trail high up in the mountains, I saw

a  female mule deer about 25 yards off in the woods. When she saw

me, I started to talk  to her in the original language. She came right

over to me and followed me for a half an hour along the trail. She was

right next to me the whole time. She was so comfortable being with

me that at one point she relieved herself. I feel that vibrationally she

thought I was a deer and a member of her herd.  I even managed to

catch a video of this!


The last example was when I was sitting on a downed log high in

the mountains of Colorado.

 I was sketching a tree that was in front of me when a movement

caught my eye. I looked to the left and saw a porcupine walking along

the far end of the tree I was sitting on. Porcupines have poor eyesight

and it had not detected me yet. It was only fifteen feet away from me

when I began to sing. It stopped, dropped off the tree to the ground

and sat up. It swayed back and forth to my singing. I started to talk to it,

and it came right over to me and put its little paws up on my knee. At that 

point I feared that it would poke me with its long sharp quills if it climbed

onto my lap.

The moment my feeling changed it scrambled away, hid its head under a

rock outcropping, and flared its quills out to defend itself. This is a typical

defense mechanism for porcupines. I was amazed at how fast the

experience changed just by my thoughts.

I have found that after communicating with my Athro using this language,

I get clear and immediate information for my situation. I believe this is

because I am speaking directly from my heart/spirit and bypassing my

conscious brain where the ego resides.


When we project physical vibration into our three-dimensional reality,

it brings the thoughts of our mind into reality. This way of speaking is

far more effective because what you are expressing is your true desire

bypassing conditioned reasoning.  The thought is in harmony with the

higher expression of not only you but all consciousness. It is not

influenced by our human conditioning of doubt.

When you set out to remember this way of communicating, I have found

that it helps to hear it personally. I will provide an internet link at the end

of this book where you can listen to a recording of me speaking the

original language. It may also help if you do this when you are alone.

Your ego fights you remembering by making you feel awkward or

embarrassed. The main thing is to not “think” of how to do it. Just listen

and let your subconscious mind give you the sounds as they may not

seem to be words at first.

It may be easier if you sing at first. Even if you don’t think you sing well,

try it! After all, you are by yourself! Just follow your intuition.

After you start speaking, I recommend you continue even if you just

repeat something over and over. The more you exercise this new way

of expressing yourself the easier it becomes. I start every morning by

speaking this way for at least five minutes. I use it throughout the day

and especially if I am talking with my Athro. This may seem a small

thing, yet it is probably the most important thing you can take away

with from reading this book.